Custom Home Showcase

Welcome to our Custom Home Showcase. Here you will be able to view several of our projects—each one taken from start to finish. Aerial views offer a unique perspective of each project, its orientation and its landscape. Every project is unique and offers its own set of challenges. It's imperative to understand how the residence will be oriented to its surroundings and adjacent features (ie. other residences, canals, forestry, water features and roads) to offer a better solution for the project and ultimately a better quality of living.

Coral Ridge Waterfront Ft. Lauderdale


Hollywood Lake Intercoastal Waterfront


Fort. Lauderdale Waterfront


Pompano Beach Residence


Golden Beach Waterfront


Ft. Lauderdale Waterfront


Ft. Lauderdale Waterfront


Hollywood Intercoastal Waterfront


Sunny Isles Beach


Private Residence


Fort Lauderdale Waterfront (Rio Vista Isles)


Sea Ranch Lakes Intercoastal


Ft. Lauderdale Waterfront


Plantation Acres Estate


Ft. Lauderdale Waterfront (Harbour Beach)


Ocean Reef Country Club


Inland Estate


Pompano Beach Intercoastal Waterfront


Coral Ridge Waterfront


Palm Beach


Fort Lauderdale Waterfront (Rio Vista Isles) II


Ft. Lauderdale Historic Renovation


Inland Estate (Lighthouse Point)


Las Olas Isles Waterfront



Pompano Isles Waterfront